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Mann's BFF

Holistic Dog Training, Owner Education, & Animal Energy Healing

Group Classes :

Group classes are not currently running

Please see our Private Training Workshops instead.

Orientation - This is a Pre-requesit for all below training sessions. $20/household (free if you are registered in 2 or more of the below classes). Upcoming orientation dates:


Register Here

Orientation is an informative class for people (do not bring your dog) about dog communication, basic behavior cues, class room etiquette and safety, Mann's BFF training methods, holistic dog care and get all your questions answered. Use this to determine if you need group classes or private training or just as a stand alone class. After taking this course at least once you can sign up for all the sessions below:

Session 1 POSITIONS & STAY - 3 weekly classes $80. Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Long Stay/Relax, Distracted Stay Register Here Next date TBD

Session 2 RECALLS (come) - 3 weekly classes $80. Backyard recall, Short/Long Recalls, Distracted Recalls, Emergency Recalls Register Here Next date TBD

Session 3 LEASH WALKING - 3 weekly classes $80. Get-in (aka Heel), Loose Leash Walking, Get-in with obstacles/distractions Register Here Next Date TBD

Session 4 LEAVE IT! - 3 weekly classes $80. Name Attention, Watch, Leave it basics, Leave it Challenge Register Here Next date TBD

Puppy Session - 3 weekly classes $80. Social Skills, House-Training Support, mouthing and chewing training, crating, jumping Register Here Next Date TBD

Reactivity Session - 3 weekly classes $80. For high stress dogs who show signs of repetitive fear barking, teeth showing, growling, lunging, fence fighting, snapping, altercations with other dogs/people, biting Register Here Dates set when we have minimum 2 dogs requesting this class

Private Session - 1 weekly class $80. Private Training to help any issues you may need extra support with. This session is in the classroom and is available at this cost only to current group class students.

Register Here Dates based on request

Positive training methods which reduce stress and build trust are used in all classes. Many natural stress reducing products will be introduced during the classes (such as aroma therapy, sound therapy and energy treatments).

**All students are included in our weekly Group, Distance Energy Treatments Sessions at no extra cost** 

Dogs should be on a harness or collar that is not causing any stress or physical pressure. If you need to try out some new harnesses, please send us an email before your class to discuss what would be best for your dog.

Any questions can be sent to [email protected]. 403-401-4814