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Mann's BFF

Holistic Dog Training, Owner Education, & Animal Energy Healing

Private In-Home Training:

All private workshop packages include In-home/On-Walk

 training as well as video-chat or telephone follow-ups


2 hours of support (A 2-hour in-home initial assessment & education session with handouts & training summary

Just looking for an assessment of your dog's behavior with a few training tips? Or looking to put together a new training plan, which you can continue to follow on your own (or have the option to upgrade to more support later).

Put the finishing touches on your already positively trained dog or an intro for a New Pup.

This is a great way to create and jump-start an effective, positive training plan!



5 hours of training (3 In-home Sessions including: the 2 hour initial assessment, 2 x 1hr practice sessions, 1 video chat session & a detailed training report)

Simply need to be set off on the right foot to begin training your old dog, new dog or puppy with supportive walks, leash training and polite behavior guidance. Great for creating a bond with a new rescue or to compliment a group puppy class to ensure you and your pup learns as much as possible early on.

This package will give you the tools and knowledge to set or change your current training plan so that you can be the powerful, positive leader your dog needs.



10 hours of training (6 home sessions including the 2 hour initial assessment + 3 personal sessions via video chat) 

Need a real change in the relationship you have with your dog? Do you suspect that your dog mirrors your true underlying feelings but you have no idea what to do with that?

Ideal for managing more complex and recurring behaviors you have tried to eliminate, stressful behaviors such as fearfulness, reactivity or aggression issues. Discovering how your own personal energy is connected to your pet's energy and behavior.

Make daily life harmonious by creating a powerful transition in your relationship.


Private workshops are individual training sessions which would cover a combination of behaviors such as:

· excessive barking & growling

· walking nicely on a leash

· greeting people without jumping

· introducing new baby & how to behave around new baby, toddlers, or children

· leash &/or fence reactivity

· fearfulness

· general paying attention & focus issues

· basic cues (sit, come, stay)

· super recall (or lack there of)

· off-leash etiquette

· doorbell reactions

· calming down hyper-activity

· chewing

· digging in the yard

· barking at window

· introducing new pets to the old pets

· prey drive

· garbage picking & counter surfing

· picking up everything

· chasing cars, bikes…

....and any other behavior where you are experiencing a road block or would just like some extra guidance and individual support.