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Mann's BFF

Holistic Dog Training, Owner Education, & Animal Energy Healing


"My dog Molly was extremely people reactive. I felt helpless towards being able to help her. I didn't want to take her out because I was scared for her to attack or bite someone else. I was frustrated with myself and my dog because I didn't know how to go about correcting the problem.

I have learned so many things throughout this Intensive Transition training package, Molly has made such a big improvement! She is able to go for walks and I am not scared to have her out. I have been able to have people over at my house and not have to lock her up the whole time.

I am so happy to have my dog back and be able to do dog things with her like going for a walk, having people over and being able to handle my dog. I cannot explain the differences Jenn has made with Molly, she has changed so much over the past weeks its incredible"...Krystal Christensen & Molly

"We felt like social pariahs and useless leaders, hopeless about changing our firecracker dog's behavior when a friend put us on to Jenn Mann's Pawsitive Reactions class. Her training methods were a paradigm shift for us: We were no longer fighting to get a Tasmanian devil's attention with ask and reward training (or pleads or shouts) -- we were learning a new language and reconditioning our beloved pet to feel well in the world. It was amazing to see how quickly she responded, the subtle, then obvious signs of her new 'tude, and ours, growing week by week".... Alex & Karim Venter (& Shenzy)

"We had a great time at Happy Hounds and learned a lot about obedience and understanding Ceezer a lot better to provide the best home and atmosphere for all of us. We had taken a previous class with another trainer, however we definitely thought Jenn was the right fit for us and happy we found her. She is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to work with you one on one in class and makes sure to include every dog in a demonstration. I love how she points out the behaviors as they happen and explains what they mean. We would definitely recommend Jenn and look forward to signing up for future classes! Thanks Jenn!" ... Steph De Fazio, Jake & Ceezer

"Jenn, we want to thank you for everything you did to help us understand Lucy better, she is coming along great! She is really responding to us and learning her limits as to how far away she should be when she is off leash; its wonderful! We couldn't be happier".... Rachel Boyle, Ryan & Lucy