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Healing Touch for Animals®

"I am so Thankful to you Jennifer Mann! You are a gifted healer with a heart as big as the world. You most certainly have a Healing Touch for Animals, and humans also as I experienced it for myself... Distant Healing is not really distance. Energy is present everywhere.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

...Martha Stanczyk and Tiko

Energy Clearing, Balancing & Healing

Does your animal have an issue that seems to be due to an imbalance, a health condition, high stress, anxiety, fear, aging or any other issue that training alone has not helped? A series of energy treatments can be very supportive in helping your animal get to a turning point where they can be helped and made to feel more balanced and able to cope in this world.

Energy treatments such as HTA are also very supportive for animals going into surgery or nearing end of life (in fact, all of Jenn's regular HTA &/or Training clients always receive a free energy transition session when their pet reaches the end ).

Jenn Mann is fully trained and well experienced in using energy work to help animals with behavior, comfort, health (physical, mental, spiritual). She commonly refers to her treatments as the animal's "massage for the soul".

This modality can be applied hands-on or remotely/distance to any animal. As with any type of treatment, regular sessions are most beneficial. Chakra balancing, blockage clearing, aromatherapy, sound vibration therapy... and more are used in HTA sessions.

Healing Touch for Animals® Benefits:

  • HTA techniques benefit our animals in many ways:

  • Help animals to understand appropriate behavior

  • Build the animal-human bond

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Support animals through injuries, illnesses, abandonment, physical/emotional trauma, abuse and grief

  • Build a solid foundation for cancer patients

  • Develop confidence for training and competition

  • Energetically support animals through the end of life transition

The energy based modality of Healing Touch has been recognized throughout the human medical community since 1989 and is used by more than 75,000 healthcare practitioners worldwide to help provide whole body wellness. These techniques are designed to enhance the healing process and do not replace traditional medical or veterinary healthcare, medical diagnosis, or medical treatment for illness.

Sessions can be done in-person (mileage will be applied to out of Calgary sessions) or via Video Chat for remote sessions.  

Aroma Therapy, Vibrational Therapy and Tellington's Touch may be incorporated in during Jenn's sessions. Also of course, behavior training may be involved!

This is available for absolutely any animal you are a caregiver to - permission from the animal's owner is required when applicable.  Pet Owners, caregivers will also be included in the energy treatment since your energy fields will be overlapping.  People are always commenting about how relaxing these treatments are and how they sleep so well on their treatment days!

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Discover Healing Touch for Animals® Video

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