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Our Training Services 

"We felt like social pariahs and useless leaders, hopeless about changing our firecracker dog's behavior when a friend put us on to Jenn Mann's Pawsitive Reactions class. Her training methods were a paradigm shift for us: We were no longer fighting to get a Tasmanian devil's attention with ask and reward training (or pleads or shouts) -- we were learning a new language and reconditioning our beloved pet to feel well in the world. It was amazing to see how quickly she responded, the subtle, then obvious signs of her new 'tude, and ours, growing week by week"

.... Alex & Karim Venter (& Shenzy)

WoMann's BFF - Intensive Transformation Program 

Need a real change in the relationship you have with your dog? Do you suspect that your dog mirrors your true underlying feelings but you have no idea what to do with that?

This Package combines all our services into a thorough set of treatments so you can have real change in your life!

You will get:

 - 2 hour In-home (or Zoom) Dog Education Session

 - 5x 1 hr Dog training sessions (at your home, or on walks)

 - 3x 1 hr Women's Empowerment Coaching Sessions (via Zoom)

 - 3x Energy Clearing & Balancing Sessions (at your home or via Zoom)

 - 1 bonus session of follow-up (via Zoom, phone or email) for you to ask extra questions or receive extra support

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Paw Up! Private Training

Just looking for an assessment of your dog's behavior with a few training tips? Or looking to put together a new training plan, which you can continue to follow on your own (or have the option to upgrade to more support later).

Put the finishing touches on your already positively trained dog or an intro for a New Dog.

This is a great way to create and jump-start an effective, positive training plan!

2 hours of support includes:

 - 2-hour in-home initial assessment, education session & demos

 - Handouts & training summary 

 - Email support for questions


 ...if you are re-registering, this would be 2x 1 hr training sessions

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Better Behavior!

 Private Training

Support for training your old or new dog! Better Behavior Training addresses your most pressing issues with supportive walks, leash training and polite behavior at home or out & about. You let us know what you would like to work on!  A custom training plan will be set for you and your fur-baby.

 Great for creating a bond with a new rescue over 5 mths old (under 5mths see Pristine Puppy Training) or giving your old dog some new excitement and mental stimulation.

 Old dogs can learn new tricks... and they love it!!

This would be the next training level after Pristine Puppies.

4 hours of training includes:

 -  2 hour initial assessment, education & demos at your home

 -  2 x 1hr practice sessions of hands on training

 -  Handouts & Training Summary

 -  Follow up session via zoom, phone or email for questions 

 - A discount code for re-registering to add on more training

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Pawsitive Reactions 

Private Training

Ideal for managing more complex and recurring behaviors you want to eliminate. Stressful and embarrassing behaviors such as extreme fearfulness, aggressive barking, lunging, teeth showing, growling, snapping and even biting. Your entire life can end up revolving around keeping triggers away from your dog - never having people over, having walking at midnight to avoid other dogs, not being able to go on vacation because no one can watch your dog.

Your dog is a complete angel when there are no triggers, but just doesn't know how to cope when something pops up.

We will work to de-stress your dog and teach them that they have options. We will show them some better choices to make and help them feel heard, understood and safe to let their guard down. It is really hard on them to be on high alert all the time. Lets show them they can trust you to lead and they can just be a fun dog!

10 hours of training includes:

 - 2 hour initial assessment, education & demos at your home

 - 5 x 1hr practice sessions of hands on training

 - Handouts & Training Summary

 - 3x Troubleshooting/Question sessions via zoom, phone or email (Energy Healing sessions can be used here if preferred)

- A discount code for re-registering to add on more training

Option: You can alternatively register for the Intensive Transition Training package for Reactive/Aggressive dogs, if you would like personal empowerment coaching included (scroll up).

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Pristine Puppies!

Private Training

New family member arriving soon/recently?! Congratulations! 

This is an In-Home session to learn everything 'Puppy' within a couple hours. We cover a full 8 week training puppy preschool class in 2 hours of individual attention. This is great in conjunction with a positive reinforcement puppy class or instead of a group puppy class

Best for Puppies 12-20 weeks of age 

2 hours of support includes:

 - 2-hour in-home initial assessment, education session & demos

 - Puppy Training Handouts & training summary

 - Email support for questions after the session

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Healing Session, Distance Remote

Distant remote energy healing sessions often end up even more relaxing than the in-person sessions - less distractions so you can just sit back and let the energy flow. You can watch live on video chat! 


Healing Session, In-Person

A great add-on to your training session, or register for these treatments on their own. Energy sessions can help any type of animal anywhere in the world, cope with every day stresses or heal from illness and injury. Regular sessions will clear energetic blocks and leave your animal feeling a sense of balance. Jenn Mann commonly combines these treatments with behavior training for dogs experiencing anxiety and stress.

People are welcome to sign up for sessions for themselves as well!!

Aroma therapy and Vibrational Therapy may be used

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Add-on Training Session

Already completed your Training Package and you just want a refresher session. Only Available to Mann's BFF Training Clients.

This session goes over the training that has already been introduced & practiced - it does not address new issues - a new Training Package will need to be purchased for addressing new issues. Can be completed on Zoom or in-person

Along with your payment please also provide as much information as possible on the Registration Form

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