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Please complete this Registration Form to complete your enrollment in Private In-home Training or Animal Energy Treatments.

You can pay for your session online or e-transfer to

Your training dates & times are not official until you have received confirmation in a reply email from Jenn.

If you have any questions or want to add more information after you submit - please email


Full Names of Pet Owners*

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Phone Number*

Dog's Name(s) and Age(s) and Breed(s)*

Home Address*

Where did you get your dog? And how long ago?

Your Dog Training Experience

What are your main concerns with your dog's behavior?

How is your dog's current behavior affecting your (& your famiy's) life?

How many children live in your house and their ages?

Other pets in your household?

What type of leash & collar, harness are you currently using?

Does your dog have a bite history or are you worried a potential bite is coming?

What are your dog's best behaviors?

Which Training Program are you interested in?

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What are your preferred training times? Evening, Daytimes, Weekends... or specific days that are best

Any more information I may need to know about your dog, finding your house, parking, if your dog needs extra support while I enter your home???

After you Submit your form, go to Payment

If you haven't already, you can pay for your Training Session Here. Your training session  is not official until you receive a confirmation email from Mann's BFF

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