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Life Coaching for your Dog!!

Reducing stress & helping you enjoy your dog through:

  • Science-based behavior training methods with no harsh corrections - we do not physically correct or scare your dog. We teach the dogs correct behaviors by setting them up for success and marking correct choices, not waiting for mistakes to punish.

  • Long lasting results, since we use a trusted and scientifically proven process that builds bonds - no quick fixes that fall apart later on

  • Family and Children, Safety with dogs training

  • In-home/on-walk Private Training

  • Reactive Dog Training & Education

  • Dog Behavior Assessments

  • Education Seminars 

  • Energy Healing Sessions for all animals & people!

  • Personal Coaching for Pet Parents

Energy Treatments

In-Person or Remote Energy Clearing & Healing Sessions are available for pets, farm animals and shelter/foster animals

Training Services

Just adopt a new pup or does your pet need some direction in their behavior? Click here to see our training packages

Contact Us

Get ahold of Jenn Mann CPDT-ka through her email with any questions or comments

Empowerment Coaching

This link will take you to our Sister Site for Empowerment Coaching for Women!!

About Us

MANN's BFF creator & owner: Jennifer Mann CPDT-KA

Our Philosophy:

 Animals are the mirrors to our souls and they are with us for a reason... each of our pets is a personal teacher, so its important to pay attention to the lessons they bring.

Our Vision

Empowering Pet Parents to feel confident in their relationship with their pet, knowing they can modify behavior with knowledge, respect and clear communication

           ~Enhancing the Parent-Pet Bond

What our clients are saying

"My dog Molly was extremely people reactive. I felt helpless towards being able to help her. I didn't want to take her out because I was scared for her to attack or bite someone. I was frustrated with myself and my dog because I didn't know how to go about correcting the problem.

I have learned so many things throughout this Intensive Transition training package, Molly has made such a big improvement! She is able to go for walks and I am not scared to have her out. I have been able to have people over at my house and not have to lock her up the whole time.

I am so happy to have my dog back and be able to do dog things with her like going for a walk, having people over and being able to handle my dog. I cannot explain the differences Jenn has made with Molly, she has changed so much over the past weeks its incredible"

Krystal Christensen & Molly

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